Quick StartΒΆ

Following example code shows how the driver is intended to be used:

import time
from sensirion_shdlc_driver import ShdlcSerialPort, ShdlcConnection
from sensirion_shdlc_svm40 import Svm40ShdlcDevice

# Connect to the device with default settings:
#  - baudrate:      115200
#  - slave address: 0
with ShdlcSerialPort(port='COM1', baudrate=115200) as port:
    device = Svm40ShdlcDevice(ShdlcConnection(port), slave_address=0)

    # Print some device information
    print("Version: {}".format(device.get_version()))
    print("Product Name: {}".format(device.get_product_name()))
    print("Serial Number: {}".format(device.get_serial_number()))

    # Start measurement
    print("Measurement started... ")
    while True:
        air_quality, humidity, temperature = device.read_measured_values()
        # use default formatting for printing output:
        print("{}, {}, {}".format(air_quality, humidity, temperature))